Jenny jerkers I know you’ve been aching for a little treat so I have something I know is going to satiate the little sissy bitch in you.

I Know The Truth You’re A Panty Obsessed Sissy Slut

No one has any true idea of what and who you really are! I know the truth, that you’re a raging panty sissy slut. You’re addicted to panties, wearing them, smelling them and everything you can do to get your hands on them and feel a nice G string up your ass. Admit it, your totally addicted to panties and all the nasty things you want to do with all those dirty panties. You want my used panties so bad, is that you who’s been stealing my panties out of the laundry because I seem to be missing a ton and I know its you. I know what a panty sissy that you are and its you stealing those thongs putting them on. You probably steal your wife’s panties and stash those nasty cum filled panties so you can smell them you panty obsessed loser! You probably sit and pose in the mirror like a pathetic sissy slut. I really want to tell everyone what that you’re a panty thief sissy slut you are.

Sissy Panty Fetish


How Much Of A Jenny Jerking Butt Slut Worship Slave Are You?

Hey Jenny jerkers, I’ve got a hot new photo set for you to make your little dick make a squirty too.

Loser do you think I don’t always catch you staring at my ass down at the pool? You try and act all sly but I see you taking pictures of my body with your phone when I’m laying out. I actually caught you once when you put a towel over your lap to try and hide your hard cock jerker boy boner. So here’s whats going to happen loser, I’m going to let everyone know what a pervert you are or you’re going to show me how much you’ve been wanting to get a nice close look at my ass. Thats right loser get upstairs with me right now and show me how badly you’ve wanted to see me spread my ass cheeks for you so you can get a nice look at my perfect body.

Butt Slutt


Hey Jenny jerkers did you miss me? It’s been forever since I bragged away about my play slaves and that’s because I’m too fucking busy with my pay slaves to blog! While you just sit and jerk off for free to my blog I’m busy doing ME things. It’s aways about ME isn’t it. I wanted to brag about this piggie who came on by to dump his cash load into my purse on Niteflirt. You could say I fucked him pretty good to the tune of many g’s.
My last cash point meet up in Hollywood was hysterical. I had this financial domination dummy in from Texas and he wanted to drop off $1000 to me just to say hi and then leave. So I had him meet me at the Sprinkles cupcake ATM machine. He got more than a hello when I had him buy me a dozen cupcakes to bring to a party I was on my way too and then I took off. He was actually really hot too but of course his wife and kids were down the street at their hotel so I had to be careful. There’s a little fragment of my amazing Princess life. Call me on Niteflirt because I know you’re about to beat off to this.



Crushing You Like A Gummy Bear Under My Bare Soles
I love gummy candy but, the more I sit here and talk to you its making me now think about you. Yuck, I don’t want to eat these anymore. I’m just going to do what I would do to you right now and thats squash you with my pretty feet. I’m going to take these gummy bears and squash the fuck out of them. I would love to shrink you down and stick you between my toes and mash you around. My pastel blue toes look so pretty crushing all those little sugar bears. You belong squashed under my feet and under my soles. The sounds of me crushing you under my bare feet is so powerful and gets you so hard. How badly do you want to eat my nasty foot candy you little crushed piggy!


You know how when you call me on Niteflirt and I start to mock you and chant “Jenny Jerker Jenny Jerker You’re a Loser Jenny Jerker” and then sing it along with me as you’re Jenny jerking it. Well, now you can watch me chant my humiliating little song that I sing to my loser boys. You’ll become even more of a hypnotic Jenny jerking pay pig as you watch and get so hard feeling like more of a pathetic masturbating loser than ever before. Watch it on repeat and jerk your Jenny jerking self away!

Jenny jerker song