2 Sissy Football Picking Losers Down

October 18, 2010 · 0 comments

It’s official Sissy picker has been fired from his Princess football picks after leaving me in 1st place this week with an embarrassing and pathetic 3. I could have guessed better then that, that’s 2 losers now who’ve claimed they are awesome pickers so far all I’ve seen are mouths flapping that should now be filled with dick. All that talk and no action, sissy picker better get his mouth ready because it’s time to get back on Craigslist and be the sissy fag that you are.
So I have this loser caller Casey that wants me to destroy his family and leave them all broke etc, we’ve been talking for about a year now, today I get on the phone with him to help him deplete his bank account a bit and he gives me his wife’s cell number. In typical loser fashion anyone so willing to give out a phone number can’t be real, so of course I picked up my iphone and called it while we were talking and of course no one answered and it was a blank voice mail recording can he be any lamer. Yes, he can be lamer, so I ask him for his home address and I put it into Google and what pops up, SEX OFFENDER! Something to be proud of if this is really him A bit pathetic when a caller gives you his address and then you Google it to find he’s a sex offender http://bit.ly/9Tfw7V. Don’t give out your dirty laundry if you don’t want it aired you deserve to be destroyed and I’ll make sure I aid in that.

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