A Day To Celebrate The Color Of Money And Drink

March 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Yippie, I get to drink green beer tonight and watch all the dorky guys get blitzed out of their minds! This afternoon submissive Richard called from Chicago he said he was a true irishman and wanted to start his day off right. He took the day off from work to get intoxicated by his sexy Princess. St Patricks forced intoxication day! We started off with a REALLY strong Irish coffee that I thought would be the perfect little perk up to get ready for a long day. I had him singing Irish songs sounding like a really stupid loser while I sat there and laughed so hard. He was being a Jenny jerker all day with his teeny little clover sized dick in his hands begging me to make a shamrock shake. There will be no shamrock shakes until MY pot of gold is filled up and I see a rainbow. By the luck of the Irish I let the bitch blow but first he had to send over a $200 Niteflirt tribute. I swore I could see rainbows and pots of god by the time this call was over.

Happy St. Patricks

Happy St. Patricks Day !


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