A Holiday Love Affair With Princess Jenny

December 23, 2012 · 0 comments

Happy holidays, the Santa Baby outfit comes out once a year and here it is again to mind fuck you with my insane hot body and my insatiable greed.
First I ruined your orgasm , now I’m going to ruin your Christmas. It’s my very own Christmas humiliation clip card just for you boy’s. A very special message for you Jenny jerkers. I’m going to take everything from you. Everything under your tree is going to be for me, I mean really, just look at me, you cant say no to me, fuck your family, Screw your wife, girlfriend, whatever I really don’t care, I just know that I want it all. You want to give it to me, you me to have it all. Maybe I’ll let you keep a penny. You want to give me the biggest and best presents under MY tree. Click the buttons and jingle your balls!

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