Addicted Slaves Craving Me Craving More

February 18, 2011 · 0 comments

Valentines day may have come to a close but when you’re a Pay Princess like me it’s Valentines every single day. My big cock hot boyfriend got me 4 bouquets of my favorite flowers, took me to my favorite Italian restaurant and gave me an amazing new Gucci wallet. I LOVE my new wallet and it came just in time because I’ve fucked over so many losers that it’s brimming with cash. I can still smell so much desperation in the air. It smells like money and lots of it, I smell a little Pay Princess perfume permeating the air. I smell submissive Jenny Jerkers wallets expanding at the very site my my hotness and the sounds of my demanding sweet voice. My new Valentine clip and photo set on Niteflirt got your cocks so hard and stupid and ready for being totally drained and used.
Niteflirt addict VinE once again tried in desperation to close his Niteflirt account and once again ended up a hypnotized puppet back in my tribute web. All that desperate craving, I got so many amazing gifts and a hot new mac book that I’m going to give my bestie for her birthday. Thanks losers!!!
I’ve acquired many new Jenny jerking slaves this month on Niteflirt giving them a new Princess addiction. Hypno addict cuckold Jeff in Maine is on his way to being totally convinced to leave his wife Drea and go into debt just for me. He’s been focused on my body hypnosis clips and totally mind fucked and wallet jacked.
Pillow humping losers get excited I made a NEW pillow humper clip part 2 sexier then ever but you’ll have to wait because you don’t deserve it just yet.
Now lemme see you Jenny jerk it slave boy!

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