Addicted To My Powerful Feet In Sexy Heels

October 9, 2009 · 1 comment

Look what I’ve got! I’ve got a brand new shiny high heel sucking fag boy! This adorable pot smoking little closet fag boy came to me after catching a glimpse of my sexy heels. I knew after making him pay to see my adorable toes peeping through the little hole in my heels he would be dedicated.
Joe gets a massive mini dick hard on seeing most Women in a sexy set of heels. He can’t stop texting me from his iphone all day to let me know a pair of heels has gotten him worked up. He really is a pathetic loser, he actually calls from his car and pulls his dick out and jerks it hoping someone will catch him. He even left his iphone out at his apartment in front of his roommates and then says to me “I’m going to leave me phone out don’t say anything my roommates might see” DUH….. Ohhh ok….. I won’t ….. HA HA HA yeah right. I am ready to push heel slave Joe over the edge with my heels.
The heel slave loser fag has been begging to become a Jenny Jerker and be a Blog Slut Club member. Joe wants the ultimate gift of getting to listen to my boyfriend and I fuck. I told he could for a couple hundred dollars and also have my hot boyfriend humiliate him as well. How charming is my foot fetish slut. If he is really lucky I’m going to let him take a big load to the face from my boyfriend after he’s fucked me good.
***Carlos Update***
Carlos keeps on trying to make a financial escape from my purse but, I have the zipper pulled tightly shut on him. Carlos is a pay puppet and always will be. My forced intoxication puppet always craved a greedy girlfriend, and he got what he wished for. I am by far the greediest Pay Princess Carlos and any other loser out there reading this. I am and will take everything from you and make it mine. Everything will belong to me and and you will willingly turn it all over to me.


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Joe October 9, 2009 at 11:16 am

All of that is true. She completly runs my life now.

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