Admiring And Adoring Princess Jenny

April 13, 2011 · 0 comments

New Jenny jerking slave Bill has come to me with his loser cock in hand ready to admire me and become a full fledged Jenny jerking slave boy. He wants to please me desperately and has a special surprise coming for me to in my honor. I’ve sent him out on assignment today to get more materials for his public humiliation tasks. This loser pillow humper is ready to please. Get in line losers and get your pillows in hand and get ready to have a good night sleep in your own pity puddle.
So many Jenny jerkers trying to impress me but as soon as the cash runs out they realize I have no use for them. I’m Pay Princess Jenny losers, I only want to make you my slave so that I can be spoiled so that I can fill up MY bank account. Lots of fetish clip piggies snorting at my Princess clip site. Buy away losers it’s not like you have anything else to beat your loser cock off too.
admiremoon admires Jenny

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