An Early Spring Humiliation Sissy Treat

March 15, 2010 · 0 comments

The air smells Amazing here in Southern California all the flowers are blooming and the warm sun is sending the most sweet fragrance in the air. It gets me so turned on! Did you all remember to change the clock? I love the later days, days at the beach in my bikini are right around the corner.
How lucky am I to get a really early Easter humiliation assignment going. How precious is my prissy sissy fag! Sissy Kelly did something really naughty, he cheated on his Girlfriend with another girl and while they were having sex he imagined he was a sissy the whole time wishing a cock was in his pretty pout lips. Looks like someone has to be exposed for being such a cheating sissy! I know he only cheated to try and make himself feel like more of a man and do something a pigish male would do. It never did make him feel more manly, it just drove him straight to a rolled joint and me on the phone with his girly voice ready to submit to me.
He got on his web cam and was ready for me to laugh at his little penis and to tell him how much of a fag that he is and mocking his pretend straight life that he leads. Ready to be my sissy playboy bunny Easter slut, he got into his brand new Birch Place sissy outfit and gave me a nice show. I had a real sweet tooth so I thought that it would be cute if his stuffed is panties full of peeps just to make himself look even more like a ridiculous cream puff. He was a good little jenny jerking sissy and made a mess in his outfit, of course I giggled. St Patricks Day is around the corner!!!

Sissy Bunny Kelly Ruffle ButtSissy Bunny Kelly PeepsSissy Bunny Kelly Peeps PussySissy Bunny Kelly Peeps Pussy 2

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