Another Relationship Destroyed By My Beauty

October 22, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey everyone, It’s a sexy day and time to celebrate another destruction by beauty victory for me. It’s been about a year that Jenny jerking slave Clayton has been coming around. He did leave me for a while since he was focusing on his girlfriend and figured he finally kicked the jerk off addiction he had to me. It seems all my hot new photo sets and clips have made him fall off the wagon and start his click and pay Jenny jerking addiction once again.
It started with him putting my pictures on the computer in full screen mode, whoops he seemed to have let his girlfriend walk in and find it, hes a total jenny jerker who’s clearly slipped into my hypno hole. I know I’m way hotter then his lame girlfriend, if she was hot then he wouldn’t have to be lurking around my blog and watching my clips over and over. **Note to Claytons girlfriend, check out a few of the yahoo messages your addicted cock stroking boyfriend sent me, it looks like he’s only stroking for me now and I OWN his cum. Stick around for Christmas and I don’t think you’ll find many gifts for you under the tree, Oh by the way, you should see the hot slutty outfit he bought me off my wish list it’s gold and so sexy, something your fat ass could never fit into. I’ll be wearing them for him soon. PS. I’m going to make him pay to see the pictures of me in the outfits HE bought.

“ my gf was soo pissed when she saw that i left your twitter page up last night, i think she cried i told her that you stole my cock and cum, omg im feeling more in love with you everyday!”

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