Another Sissy Boy In Lingerie Aching For Blackmail

August 2, 2010 · 0 comments

Another hot beefy boy all muscled up and tattooed and ready and excited to get into something silky and sexy and be a girly girl. I had him really weak with my hypnotic voice that about 20 minutes in he was confessing so my things to me that know one including his girlfriend even knew. I knew he was open and ready to expose more of himself to me, I asked him if he would get on web cam for me. The ultimate vulnerable place of site and sound. He got so excited for the chance to let me see him. After I tricked the little loser into getting on cam for me I decided I was going to play a little blackmail game with him since he sorta asked about it before but I never really touched on it. When I asked him to get on cam I never mentioned that I was going to tape him and take web snaps. Ha Ha HA I then told him I had a surprise for him and his girlfriend and I sent him a couple of the photos that I took of him in his roommate Miranda’s slip. Then came the clip of him shaking his ass and showing me his tattoos and telling me how his girlfriend would kick his ass if she saw this. He emailed me asking me if I did blackmail and if I thought that I would be able to blackmail him. Well lets hope that girlfriend of yours doesn’t stumble across this page.

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