April Fools For Jenny

April 4, 2012 · 0 comments

Happy April Jerk off boys! I played some really good April fools tricks on a whole bunch of my submissive slave boys this past week. I mind fucked a few losers with my pay to view double dare April Fools game. It was a great game with of course only one outcome and that was me winning as I always do. It was more like Financial domination fools day game really, each time I was so close to letting my losers have an orgasm they had to double it up just to see a little bit more. Each loser ended up dropping $200 in my wicked pay to view Niteflirt game only to end up being the fool. All they got was me flipping them off with my beautiful finger in their face and no pretty pussy like I promised. Ha Ha Ha you suckas! Thanks for playing!
Already this month my hypnotic beauty powers have been overwhelming the masses of cocks out there in the world. More Jenny jerkers are flocking to me and falling under my hypnotic beauty.
I’ve been being a naughty home wrecker again ruining the lives of small cock cuckold boy’s left and right. If you want to play with me and tempt me then you should know better. I’m out for money and Me, the 2 most exciting things about ruining your life always means more money and more gifts for Me! I’m getting really excited for Easter and my special sissy slut Easter bunny’s who are going to get all sissified in their pretty frocks and hide eggs inside their faggoty asses.
Pretty up and pucker up and lets see who can doll themselves up and show off for me the best. Dress to impress boy’s and show me what you’ve got and after you show me what you’ve got, I’m going to take it all .

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