April Spring Arrival Hunting For Money Bunnys

April 2, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey boy’s It’s been a really busy week in Pay Princessville. Green faux grass, plastic eggs and chocolate bunnys are flooding the isles at stores and that inspired me to make a BRAND NEW humiliating tease clip. Is your dick bigger then a peep? Wait until you foot fetish lovers see my feet squash Easter peeps.
I took advantage of a stunning day and went on the hunt for money bunny’s. Some people go on Easter egg hunts well, I hunt money bunny’s and I acquired a few new money honey’s this weekend.
Sweet submissive Roob just wants to pamper me so bad, I got him so addicted and hooked on my sweet face with set after set on ppv mails on Niteflirt. I teased him so hard and of course I wouldn’t let him cum so he didn’t make an icky sticky wicky messy all over himself. I do make the sweetest phone girlfriend any guy could ever want. Roobs baby keep holding that feeling honey. I love making it hurt oh so good.
Call me guys, I’m feeling extra sassy!

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