Armpit Fetish Boys Sniff This Pit

September 22, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny jerkers have you been being good stroke puppets and jerking off non stop to my gorgeous voice and body daily like the good submissive pet pigs that you are. It’s been incredibly hot and well, my armpits have been getting really sweaty with the month of bootcamp in the park i’ve been doing. Armpit fetish slave Craig begged to smell my aroma after 60 min of bootcamp in 85 degree heat. I sent him a hot picture set of me wiping the stink in a little towel that he paid $400 for LOL! What a disgusting little pit sniffer! I didn’t wear deodorant that day and I had sex the night before so I thought I would stink even more if I didn’t take a shower. I wanted to make sure the sex oozed through my pores right out my sweaty ripe armpits. I wiped off and let the towel sit under my armpits for a while then gave a little bonus wipe off my ass as well. I quickly sealed it up in a baggie ready for loser delivery!
I had him pay for overnight shipping and I can imagine how sick it smelled by the time it got there all hot and nasty. But the armpit fetish slut paid the price for being a nasty pig. Ohhhh are you all stiff and hard now reading this? Go buy my armpit fetish clip NOW if you don’t already have it I demand you get it!

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