Armpit Fetish Clip

March 30, 2014 · 0 comments

Happy Spring Jenny jerkers! It’s felt like Spring here in California for the last month. its been so hot and all the flowers are blooming. in a special tribute to the heat and Spring I made a new part 2 of my Armpit seduction hypnosis clip. My Armpit fetish army continues to grow, with no deodorant on just the erotic natural aroma I exude. My Princess perfume hypnotizing your mind and brainwashing you. You don’t need an armpit fetish to enjoy this clip. My seductive eyes and lips are enough to bring you to a deep Jenny jerking orgasm.

Relax and fall under the spell of my beautiful and powerful armpits. This clip is a hypnotizing seduction set to music and you just relax and watch me tease you with my beautifully smelly soft warm armpit. My hypnotic eyes looking deep into you teasing you along and drawing you into deep state of hypnotic relaxation. My sultry lips dripping against my soft perfect armpit flesh. The hot warm scent of my armpits seduces you. My eyes pull you closer hypnotizing you and making you want me even more. Pungent and feminine your fetish grows deeper making you all mine.

Armpit hypnosis part 2

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