August Lust Begins You Will Jerk It All Away

August 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey bois, August lust is in full effect and the Jenny jerkers are out on the prowl all hard and ready to have their wallets drained. This month is already at a glowing start with my rent being paid by the dip shit D list producer Michael the forced intoxication idiot. He loves to get all methed out and tell me personal information. I found his Facebook and really can’t believe he didn’t think I was going to find all his info and figure out what shit movie he worked on.
If I was him I would really keep that shit a secret. He keeps begging to meet me but, he hasn’t spent nearly enough to even be deemed worthy of taking me shopping. I only scratched the surface with the nine hundred something that I snatched from him today. An hour into the call he was so incoherent that I played a little raise the rate on Niteflirt to $10.00 a min and he didn’t even notice. I just kept telling him it was a shitty connection and we were getting disconnected. Stupid pig all drugged out and fucked up deserved to get cash raped like the loser victim that he is. Fucked up fonced intox piggies who like to suck the glass cock full of meth are so lame and sad that it’s the perfect punishment. You losers are already on a path of shitdom so why stop now. I’ll help you kick the habit by taking so much of your money you can’t afford to get wasted anymore! Like I give a shit what happens to your life! It’s my world, you just live in it Jenny jerkers! Let’s have phone sex on Niteflirt!

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