Back To School Homework Slaves

September 2, 2011 · 1 comment

Happy September! Finally getting those kids back to school leaving you plenty of free time now to Jenny jerk that stupid cock off for me! I’ve got a back to school clip ready and waiting for those hard cock flagpoles of yours that are standing up straight and stiff waiting to Jenny jerk a load right out of them for me! I’m the prettiest girl in the whole school and you know it so do my homework bitches! You love to worship your homecoming Queen I am and ALWAYS will rule your school. Ha HA Ha
It’s been a super long day and cheerleading practice was really hard and my toned legs are so sore and my feet need immediate attention. Who’s going to do my homework because I certainly don’t feel like doing it. Still in my cheerleader uniform, nude pantyhose with no panties and heels I catch you looking at my feet. You want to rub these smooth nylon covered feet don’t you. Come get on your knees and I’ll let you rub them and turn you into my homework slave. You can’t say no to your Princess Jenny.

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slave d January 19, 2012 at 10:10 am

please allow me to do all Your homework for You!

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