Barefoot Foot Fetish Lotioned Up Feet Seduce You

March 3, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny Jerker boys! Did all my sissy boy’s out there love the finale of The Bachelor as much as I did, I love Vienna she’s so hot! I even made my boyfriend watch the finale with me but at the end he said he couldn’t believe I made him sit through that and now I was going to pay and get bent right over the couch and fucked as he watched the news. It was so hot but just like you boys, I still got him to do exactly what I wanted. I love having my super Princess powers.
Gia my hairy Italian slave has been luring around again, he knows he’s getting lured in with my clips and ball draining new photos. I should have known the stinky hairy armpit of a man Gia would be right back to his American Goddess getting ready to work hard and get a nice fuck over with my middle finger pointed right in his loser face.
Mr Collins my Jenny jerking jerkbot was caught again in my hypnotic web of mind power. I seduced him and brought him right to my pretty feet right where he will always belong. Wait until you guys see all the hot new pictures,
I posted NEW clips for you to Jenny Jerk it too, Get to clicking the picture, pay and jerking and buy them all up right now. For you latex lovers I did a hot pink loser balloon ball busting clip. I also posted a really sexy piggy crush clip for all you pig foot fetish losers that want to see what it’s like to get mashed under my sweet pink French pedicure while I’m wearing my designer wedges. I also have my hot sexy foot lotion clip for you perverts that love my hot feet and want to hear that slippery lotion all over my sore feet wishing it was your cum. Yeah right! Go buy them NOW.
Lotioned Princess Feet

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