Bbq’s, Blackmail & Princess Pyrotechnics Wallet Explosion

July 4, 2009 · 0 comments

Happy July 4th everybody don’t be an idiot and stick a Roman candle up your ass and light it to try and show off or impress me. I got my party started yesterday a little early and headed out to the beach with Tracy and Layla. Layla just got this hot new BMW convertible so we had to give it the beach pick up trip. The boardwalk was so packed down in Santa Monica it was crazy, I had on a really hot bikini , white tank top over it and a tight skimpy jean skirt with flip flops, I was looking so hot! A group of hot guys were having a BBQ at their beachfront condo and called us over to come party with them as if we were going to say no since they were SO HOT!
The guy’s rented this hot place for the week they were here in town from San Francisco. There was 6 guys and us 3 girls, it was the perfect ratio to totally turn this party upside down. After a few hours and many drinks later we got to playing a game of beachfront truth or dare. These boys had no idea what was coming to them with this group of dominant Princess’s. We went light the first few rounds with stupid dares but that’s when I looked at my girls and gave them that look of “lets get this game started now”. This really hot guy Andy had a total closet sissy vibe to him, I could tell by the pink in his polo plaid shorts and deck shoes. I picked Andy and he chose dare. YES! I was so excited , he was wasted and ready and willing to do anything. It just so happened earlier that that we went to a sex shop and Layla got a dildo, so I ran to the car and got the package. I came back in and said DARE – I dare you to take what’s in this bag, no matter what it is and suck on it for 3 minutes. He figured it was some odd shaped sucker or something. He pulled it out and all the guys started turning red and laughing. He tried to refuse at first but that’s when it clicked, I took it out of the package, jammed the suction cup to the floor and suddenly got really bold and mean and said get to it bitch, wrap your lips on that cock and show everyone that you’re a fucking closet fag. The room went silent as he dropped and I grabbed his hair and pushed him down on the dildo. He kept trying to resist yet, he took it down so deep like a pro, at the 2 min mark all the guys in the room were pretending to look away, I saw nothing but hard cocks in that room. I’m sure tonight all these San Francisco fruit boys are going to jerk off to the memory.
The dare was complete and my mission was accomplished, total humiliation and getting a guy to do what I want. The party wasn’t the same after that, all the guys were so embarrassed, we just decided to leave, we had our fun.
Have a fantastic holiday!

Holiday Kisses

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