Begging To Be My Foot Slave

May 29, 2012 · 0 comments

Did you all have an amazing Memorial weekend like I did? I went to a bunch of parties and now I think I need a few days at the spa to detox out all the bbq. My hotness flaunting all over in my bikinis was a total hit, of course every guy was trying to get a piece of my ass. I’ve been keeping foot slave Martin on his toes, he’s been begging over and over for the chance to worship my feet “Please give me a chance of serving a Goddess like You..I LOVE Your feet and I get more addicted every time I see them! I hope You like the shoes..they are just a small tribute for a Princess like You! I also beg You to accept me in YM…I’ll do anything to be Your footboy!” I love how he beg’s me to add him to Yahoo, and I just keep fucking with him by ignoring him, logging off when i see him. Anything really to torment his mind.
I’ve been really busy doing some hot new photo sets and sexy clips and doing a ton of shopping that YOU losers paid for.
Loving my new Victoria Secret Pink collection haul from loser pay pet Kevin. Wait until you see the clips and photo sets I did in my flirty pantys. You panty slave and sissy boy’s are going to be aching to slide your sissy dicks right into them and play with your little useless dicks in them. Know your place and buy me gifts if you want my attention. my Amazon wish list

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