Bikini Tease In The Park

June 4, 2011 · 1 comment

Hey there! Have you missed me? I knew you did ! Welcome to June, they say June gloom in California but it’s far from that, especially when you have my hot body strutting around in the sunshine in my sexy bikinis. Me in a bikini is sure to make all June gloom turn around. Fat ass Niteflirt loser porker John has been getting me some really hot bikinis to tease in. He’s been raiding my Amazon wish list getting me hot outfits so I surprised the mooing piece of shit with a a special clip for his fat ass to sit and pile food down while Jenny jerking it to me. You know boys if you buy me gifts and spoil me you never know what might happen, maybe even you can get a clip made for you. Speaking of clips, new ones on the way! More ass worship and sexy foot fetish to jerk off too! My 365 days of jerking has become a total competition with my stroke addicted slave boys. Jenny jerking every day on their way to live a full year dedicated to jerking off to their Princess Jenny. Scotty is by far the king of the strokers right now seeing as he’s made his own blog dedicated to the art or jerking off to me. Everyday he calls me at Niteflirt like a dedicated phone sex jerk off junkie. He’s showed his dedication by letting me know he cut his hand and needed stitches and even with his painful stitches still managed to find himself Jenny jerking his life away. Impress me boys. If you don’t already have my sexy romp in the park tease clip in my hot Hello Kitty bikini get to buying it NOW.
Bikini In The Park Tease

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Scott June 5, 2011 at 7:17 pm

c’mon guys, bring it! Pull out your dicks and show some respect to the Jerk Princess. My goal is 365 days/365 loads for Jenny and as little or none for my girlfriend 🙂 I’m a JJ4L

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