Blackmailed By The Soles Of My Feet

October 20, 2011 · 0 comments

Hey piggies and pets of all sorts have you missed me the past week, My friends were in town for a Bachelorette which was out of control. It went from girls night to blackmail party fiesta! We went to San Francisco for 2 days, it was 5 of us girls and we shopped and partied our Princess asses off. I met a long time Niteflirt pervert I’ve been talking to for a few years now. I already knew he was hot and had him come pay for the drinks all night at a club we were going too. I knew he was a hardcore foot fetish slave so we all wore open toe heels to really fuck with his mind and make him an even weaker pervert foot slut. I prepped the girls to take pictures whenever they caught him doing something like kissing one of our soles or toes. With 5 of us armed with camera phones and him realizing what was going on he may not appreciate his wife finding out about his “business dinner”.
Thats when I told him that he needed to come back to our hotel with us and pay for our suites and give us an extra $1000 for the following day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the girls held out their cell phones with various pictures of him looking like a submissive foot slave. The best one was the one of him on his knees and me really drunk with my leg up in the air exposing my pussy and his tongue really long and wide on the sole of my filthy dirty stilettos. He was drunk, weak and so mind fucked he started to tremble like a bitch and started to cry in fear that we would send pictures to his wife or call her. He kept mumbling some shit like “Why are all your beautiful feet blackmailing me” over and over. I really felt like kicking him in the balls for being such a baby. I reassured him that there would be no problems as long as his wallet was acting accordingly.
He was so hard and freaked out that he ended up paying for everything including reimbursing us for our airfare. Lucky for him it was a great deal on Southwest and didn’t cost him that much. We let him cum all over our hotel slippers and then made him put them in his mouth like a little doggie bitch and toss them into the trash. After the slippers were dumped off we made him go home to his wife. He’s even more addicted then ever, a real Jenny jerking loser!

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