Blackmailed Submissive Under Hypnotic Control

April 24, 2012 · 0 comments

I’m asked a lot if I think I can hypnotize someone and well its always really a simple answer. My beauty alone is hypnotizing, gazing deep into my beautiful eyes you feel that sting. From there I just take you down, in my own special ways with no tricks just pure hypnotic beauty and mind fuck that drains your mind and leaves you weak for me.
It’s been a couple weeks and I’ve gotten enough information from slave matt that I can do some serious damage on his life. He tells me he’s in a miserable shitty relationship so what does he care anyway if I decide to destroy it. I think I would be doing him a favor, getting rid of the bitch that he calls me nearly every day to complain about. I think I’ll put a little bit out there and fuck with him a bit more. His girlfriend’s name is Jamie Ceasar and he works at a well known insurance company, they’ve been together 4 years and got engaged on Valentines day. How pathetic and cliche is getting married on Valentines Day, what a loser! He hardly realizes that i’ve implanted triggers into his mind every time he see’s certain parts of my body. He can’t stop spoiling me he just feels this craving for financial domination and wanting me to control every dime he has. I have all his banking into, credit card info and all of Jamies information including her Facebook page which is hers because I looked at in under his account. Bitch better keep those cash and gifts coming or else I’m going for total relationship ruin!

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