Bratty GFE Princess And Hot Chocolate From Atlanta

March 12, 2009 · 0 comments

I’ve acquired a really hot new bitch slave for my growing collection of boy toys. Derrick found me and started with buying a couple pf my picture sets on Niteflirt and that was it. Instant addiction to my sugar sweetness and insane bitchy manipulative ways. Derrick is a successful African American married man in his mid 40’s. He dreams of having a superior young white Princess like me to make him my own personal little bitch. Derrick wants to have me show him off in front of my friends. As my friends are hanging around I spew the most hysterical racial humiliation at him and just like that, his hang extends and wallet is open. Derrick so eager to please his snow white Princess and I of course reward the dumb bitch by letting him clean off my feet and shove his face in my big white ass and let him kiss my tiny pink hole. Bitch betta have my money!

He really does love me! See what my bitch had to say after one call about the hottest GFE sensation.
***** What would you do if everything that you’d ever wanted, ever scenario that you’d ever dreamed of was in reach and just on the other end of the telephone line? You should know the answer to that question before you call her. She is unreal – a precious jewel that will blow your mind.


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