British Wallet Invasion Bratty Girlfriend Experience

August 1, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, Can you believe its August already, wow time really does fly when you party and look smokin hot! My hair and nails look so hot today, I just got back from a spa day now I’m home chilling out before going out tonight out to party for my girlfriends birthday! I got the cutest dress from littlebobby21 from Macy’s, I promised him if I wore it I would fuck my boyfriend wearing it and then let him see pictures of me in it after. After he paid an extra $200 that is, ha ha ha ha ha.
I had a really great blackmail session with this dare I say hot British caller Carlos, he was shit faced wasted and in full on Jenny Jerker mode stroking and paying away as I pumped him for private information and tributes. We had such a great time mixing the blackmail and financial domination game that as a special treat I let him (actually he had to) get on web cam for me and paint himself up like a pathetic humiliated Jenny Jerker official blog slut loser. All that fun ass kissing and sucking up to me makes me so happy, I was really sweet to Carlos as well, I was just being my sweet adorable self and he literally was stumbling over words to jump through my hoops. Someone just got CASH RAPED!

Carlos DipshitCash Raped


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