Caged Enslaved Garbage Puppy No Jerkin!

September 7, 2009 · 0 comments

Happy Labor day everyone! It’s Monday and I’m taking it easy I spent way too much time in the California sun pigging out on BBQ and drinking way too many Effin (effin is the vodka brand) Vodkas with Diet Coke.
The theme for this holiday weekend seems to be cock sucking cuckolds. Hottie sissy Max from No Cal has found a new love in life, me. He can’t get enough perfect Princess self. Max is a big major cock sucking homo and really wants to marry a young beautiful Princess like me to cuckold and use him and treat him like the douche that he is. He want’s me to get knocked up by him and lock him in for all the loot. Sounds great but I’m not about to blow my perfect body just yet Maxy baby.
It was so funny the way he was jerking away as I gave him detailed descriptions of my boyfriends huge cock and the way he fucks me with it. Speaking of my boyfriends huge cock, we were at this bbq Sat night and this guy Derek who is dating my friend Marisa (that I think is a fag) was staring at my boyfriends cock the entire time. I snuck over to him later and whispered in his ear that I saw what he was doing looking over and staring at my boyfriends big hard on. He got really embarrassed when I called him out, I told him I was going to go tell his girlfriend what I witnessed. He said she would never believe me, I then showed him the picture I got with my iphone, it was hysterical!
I told him I would keep my mouth shut if he went into the bathroom with me for a little humiliation assignment. I went and got my boyfriends dirty ball sweat filled swim trunks and put them over his face for 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes he had to recite over and over “Jenny I promise you I will no longer cheat on Marisa with my eyes looking at your boyfriends massive cock” tick tock tick tock … 10 minutes passes and that was it, I released the closet case and set him free.

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