Carlos Is Forever A Brown Eyed Addicted Pay Piggy

February 5, 2010 · 0 comments

The internal battle to keep from being an addicted Jenny Jerker has proven once again that Carlos is to weak. He is a weak piggy that disappears and comes back with his cock in hand. I send him a few pictures of me in an outfit I made him buy me and that’s all it takes to send him into full pig addiction. Oinking away I get Carlos to bring the wine bottle and the next thing he knows he’s in a full blown forced intoxication session and here I am draining his wallet dry. I made him call me on my financial domination like to show his respects. Ohhh Jenny he cries, I am such a jerker for you I need to jerk for you and sell everything to give it to you”
Carlos… It’s ALL FOR ME….

Fridays Jerk off junkie Mattypoo bought my yahoo id and found himself into a whirl of a mess. He came to me and started off buying just one photo set, and well you should all know by now one set leads to 2 leads to 3 and so on because I’m here is a sweet little photo of himself that he sent me. I jerked him mildly and he made the mistake of giving me his phone number. You think I should post it right here so you can all prank him!!!!

Matty Poo

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