Cash Pig Money Slaves All April Long

April 16, 2012 · 1 comment

Hop Hop Jenny jerkers! It’s been hypno slave abduction all week long. From across the globe my armpit fetish hypnotic slave has faller so hard into my armpit that I have him drowning in my sweat needing more on a constant basis. I’ve been controlling his orgasm not allowing him to cum for 2 weeks now. He said he tried to have sex with his girlfriend Debbie and he couldn’t even keep it up for her. I proceeded to ruin his work week while I would text him during meetings sending him pictures that were sure to get him mindless, dizzy and dumb. It worked, he would keep messaging me from the bathroom to tell me he needed to end his day early because of me, he needed to get home to get his hand on his aching cock that I wouldn’t let orgasm. He would get home and sit and stare and stare into my eyes in my hypnosis eye video and give in to me and give me what I wanted. He was in the right mode of understanding that Jenny gets everything, Jenny gets all the cash and the gifts.

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Patrick April 16, 2012 at 4:08 pm

She does the same to me, sending me IM’s at work that I can’t ignore. I’m so addicted to Her beauty and power. Just want to stare into Her eyes for hours and spoil Her.

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