Celebrate July Jenny Jerking

July 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Happy holiday week everyone! I had an awesome July 4th party that all you loyal lovers paid for! It was perfect, I had about 25 friends over and we had it catered by one of my favorite food trucks and then we brought in a rented tiki bar and bartender for out at the pool. The champagne was flowing and the bikinis were sexy and all the girls had the hottest pedicures showing off their pretty bodies and feet. It was a foot fetish paradise you boys would be loving!
My hypnotized stroke slave Patrick did not have a bang of a holiday as his cock is so locked up in chastity and it will not be exploding. What was going to be a few day thing ha turned into a long locked up in chastity event. Today I was thinking that he should be locked up until the end of the Summer. It makes it so hard to go to work because sometimes you can kinda see the cage through his pants. I would love to be there in the office watching him make every move really carefully so no one finds out. But, Patrick did kinda get found out! his friend saw my photos on his phone he told me this, “I have a friend that goes through people’s phones when they’re not looking. He picked mine up and said “who’s this hot girl in your phone? Is she a prostitute you pay for sex?”
I couldn’t tell him that I pay you but don’t get to have any sex at all.I told them that I met you on the internet and we chat and you sent me those pictures. But they know you’re way too hot so they were skeptical.
They think we just chat and have cybersex. They saw all of the pictures you sent me in chat so yeah, they saw everything.
They kept asking how I met you and other questions that I didn’t have good answers for. I dont they totally believed me but they finally dropped it.” HILARIOUS!!! I think I’m going to keep him wrapped deep into my hypnotized gaze and in the submissive place that he belongs. I love my boys in chastity!

Happy July 4th 2012

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