Chastity Loser Fails

July 26, 2012 · 1 comment

Slave patrick has lost his fight in chastity, he peeled out at I believe day 19 of his month long chastity duty. The truth is I was becoming way too much of an expensive habit for him. The first time he tried to escape my clutches he told me some bullshit about his family needing money and he needed to help them. Like I’m suppose to care that his family needs his financial help? I have shopping to do and places to travel that devoted chastity slaves were born to pay for.
He was sending his disgusting daily photos with his little dick all locked up. I’d share the photos with you but they are way too disgusting to post here. He has a super thick gross thatch and it was way too much of the close ups on the wirey pubes. So, all the sudden the daily nasty photos stop and I email him to find out what is taking so long for my photo and it bounces back to me. The little pussy ass bitch deleted his yahoo account like a pussy ass bitch.
Like I don’t know that he’s checking my site here to see if he’s been mentioned. He’s probably reading this right now with his cock trembling and aching to cum at the site of this. All this public shaming that everyone now knows that patrick became a big pussy who couldn’t take the heat from My beauty and hypnotic pussy. I know how it goes around here, once a seduced slave, always a seduced slave. Once you take a taste and fall feel into my eyes, deep into my grips you never really escape. You escape long enough to replenish and then I come and take twice as much taking you hypno slaves twice as deep. Make that money for me honey I want it all, pay your Princess.

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brody July 28, 2012 at 1:17 am

serving princess is a life long commitment. there is no escape

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