Chastity Slave No More Jenny Jerking For You

February 1, 2012 · 1 comment

Welcome to February jerk off slaves! I love this month it’s the month where all the super desperate lonely losers come together and give me tons of cash and gifts. Well, thats really every month but this month just feels extra special because I really can put my home wrecking skills to work. After all, I deserve all the valentine gifts that you were gonna give your wife or girlfriend doncha think slaves!
Another chastity slave kicking off the month of February is having to take a hiatus from Jenny jerking. Look at his wimpy little locked up cock that’s not allowed to come out and play. He’s still too much of a chastity pussy to go all the way and actually lock up his little cock with a set of keys that I would send. You know the second he got off the call with me he unlocked his pathetic cock and jerked away. Had I been there I would have smashed that dick in with my foot for being such a chastity loser wimp. As long as he’s not jerking while we are speaking I really don’t give a fuck, I have other things to think about and losers are not one of them. The last chastity fetish slave who called and wanted to go through with the real thing pussied out on me and I didn’t even bother sending the keys and the lock. So which ones of you REALLY want to be in chastity for me. Who wants to show me how dedicated they can be for me by being locked up and not allowed to jerk off. Do you have the balls for it?


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KC April 22, 2012 at 8:09 am

It would be an honor to receive Your lock without keys, Princess. Please tell me when & how! But I am too much of a wimp to actually call You. I know I would not be able to even speak.

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