Chicago Cocksucker Jerkin For Jenny Everywhere

April 3, 2009 · 0 comments

New Blog Slut Club Member Alert!

Hey guys! I’m so excited for basketball this weekend what a great excuse to party!
Kevin my sweet stroker has come down with a severe jerk off addiction. Kevin is from Chicago, married to Kim and secretly a desperate male aching for cock in his mouth. Kevin is desperately wanting to cum but I keep making him wait so he just strokes his small cock all day everyday wherever he is.
As you can see in the pictures he has been stroking from the office, the restroom and continuing in the car on his way back home from work.
I’m thinking that the only way I’m going to let my Jenny jerker cum is if he sucks some tranny cock for me. We started looking at tranny cocks on Eros and Kevin was clearly no stranger to that site! I kept recording Kevin screaming out loud that wants to suck cock. Kim his wife would totally flip out if she knew what a sissy this fruit cup is can you believe what a blackmail bunny I can be! Kevin is still jerking and wanting to please me to cum. I’m still thinking about it! Each time I’m pleased when he tributes me I get closer and closer to saying yes. ~~Tee Hee Hee~~
Call me guys!


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