Cuckold Leftovers From Loser Halloween

November 4, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy post Halloween submissive slaves and friends. I’ve been eating so much candy that I’m on a non stop sugar high which has me alert and extra feisty. I went to so many parties and wore a few of the hottest outfits. I made a clip in one of my outfits my sexy witch costume that one of my Jenny pet’s got me. My sexy cosplay clip is on my clips4sale page. You humiliation addicted will love it, it’s a full on humiliation assignment for Halloween just for you, and if you don’t do as I tell you then you get your balls bashed in!
My cuckold worship slut Marcus Maddox is so fucking pathetic, take a good look at him. He’s so addicted and so stupid and mind fucked he has to do what I tell him. Marcus is incredibly stupid and he gets even weaker when I make him special clips telling him what a pathetic cream pie eating loser he is. You all would love a lick at a hot fresh cream pie from my pussy wouldn’t you. But Marcus is so lucky, he bought me lingerie and then I went and fucked my boyfriend and gave him a chance to lick the screen and suck out all that hot cum from my pussy. He might get lucky and I might charge him ONLY $300 for my panties filled with a hot fresh load of cum all sealed up and ready for him to worship. I love to make a cuckold losers dream come true!
Marcus Maddox Halloween

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