Drink My Spit Princess Juice

October 23, 2012 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny jerking junkies it’s getting close to Halloween and my submissive sissy jerk off slaves are getting so excited to have the best excuse to wear Womens clothing.
This little loser masterbating addict Kevin kept calling me on Niteflirt with his dick in his hand. I just laughed and thought he deserved a nice case of the blue balls because he really didn’t deserve to cum. His dick was small, he didn’t have enough money to please me and he assumed that this humiliating photo would make me happy. The only thing its good for is letting the world know what kind of jerk off addicted losers are out there that will humiliate themselves for a hot domme.
Loser take a lesson from this idiot’s selfie photo. The lesson being stop taking stupid pictures of yourself in the bathroom with the toilet in the background. Actually, on second thought when you have the nasty toilet in the background it shows of even more of what a total loser you are. He’s go super pink piggy nipples if we added a couple more sets he really would look like a total pig.

Gross little goblins go and gobble up my chewed up candy corn right from my pretty Princess lips. It is the closest way to getting a wet kiss from me.

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