Eat Dog Slave Eat At My Feet

December 6, 2011 · 0 comments

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas with each post. My submissive slaves have been doing an amazing job of spoiling Me and making this the best Christmas there ever was giving me what I want, tributes, cash, presents, gift cards, the list never ends and neither do my wants.
I’m very pleased with My cuckold camel dog slave bm, every single day my dog Cuckold slave brings his plate to me and gets on web cam and eats like the dog slave that he is under my beautiful feet. Every foot fetish slave dreams at the chance to eat at my feet. He knows that I am the epicenter of his world and I dominate his life. Without Me he is nothing. I give his life meaning.
I gave him a early Christmas gift 3 pairs of my Victoria Secret panties that were nice and used, the grand pair which I charged him $400 for My stud fucked me so good in them and I made sure to let all the hot cum drip into them and wear them around for a few hours so every drop of our dominating juices were trapped in waiting for him to smell, and worship. He’s feeling the wrath of My Princess financial domination as I take and take more and more stuffing and lining my Christmas stocking with cash so full. Making him give and never stop giving to me as he covers his face with My royal juice. He’s such a pathetic slave and I enjoy treating him like the pig dirt slave that he is. He looks adorable as he eats his meal off the floor with no hands to show me what a loyal pet he is. Show me your loyalty and eat at my Goddess feet.
Eat Dog Eat

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