Fat Fetish Feederism Stuffed For Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011 · 0 comments

I’m already craving a big Thanksgiving feast but before I get to eating turkey the first thing to do is roast a big fat loser with a food fetish! Can you believe the fat fuck feeder fetish phone sex addict here who couldn’t wait to get on cam for me. He wanted me to trap him and blackmail him into making him eat even more but, he was too much of a pussy to show his fat face on cam. He’s so fat that his gut must has been covering the screen because I saw his four eyed fat face AND got a picture of it. How’s that for some blackmail fatty should I post it and see if anyone recognizes you?
Apparently this fat loser is a major phone sex whore who calls tons of hot girls and loves to get on cam to show off and get humiliated by his repulsive fat fetish gut. He really looks like the octomom when she was pregnant, like what’s in that thing it’s so disgusting and nasty I want to push him to the brink of fatdom and see if I can make him explode. Chow down fattys, anyone else wanna get stuffed by me then call me now!

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