Female Domination Gets You Hard

January 27, 2014 · 1 comment

Female domination gets you hard doesn’t it, You love when a Woman like myself or really any Woman who takes control of your brain and reduces you to a weak groveling piggy. I made a Femdom meme for you to get your balls all in a bundle over. You jerk off slaves are so easy to mind fuck with a few words and my super bitch Princess powers. On your knees and squeal like a piggy, good boy now lets hand that wallet over to me. Arm is out wallet is in my hand and help myself to whatever cash you have in it. Hopefully its my lucky day and you just hit the ATM machine. Better yet you cashed your paycheck and I just take the entire thing and leave you a little cash bonus. Femdoms rule, femdoms reign and you slaves will be Jenny jerking to me on Niteflirt for as long as your perverted cocks can get hard which is for life!
Feburary is almost here, time for my lovelorn cuckolds to get ready to swoon to the only Woman that matters Me.

Female Domination Gets You Hard

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toilet slave January 27, 2014 at 11:45 pm

can i be your toilet slave please?

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