Fetish Balloon Popping Goes Mainstream

September 23, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey Jenny jerkers! This has been such a strokin September I just woke up from a long ass night of dancing and partying for my friends birthday. I looked incredibly cute last night I wore my sexy new wrap dress that my shopbop submissive shopping slave got for me. I do need to have new outfits on a monthly basis since I’m a Princess who really hates to wear the same thing twice lingerie especially. Once I’ve worn one of my sexy little outfits, gotten fucked in it really good or made a photo set I kinda hate wearing it again.
With that being said, I did add some really cute new lingerie and Halloween costumes to my Amazon wish list, so I’m telling you, yeah YOU to go on over there and buy me something to look hot in. Costumes ! really want more costumes! I love costumes and you’ll love looking at me in more and I can make some hot clips in them so, with that being said. Click and buy me costumes!
Did you all read about Lindsay Lohan being offered $50G to make a fetish balloon-popping clip for Clips4sale.com! Isn’t that awesome, bringing the kinky to the masses. As you latex lovers already know I have a balloon fetish-popping clip already posted! If you don’t already have it then click, pay and Jenny jerk it.
A really hot new clip site called Kinkbomb.com just got started, I’ll be adding more clips soon but check it out.Kinkbomb


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