Financial Domination Loser

October 14, 2013 · 0 comments

Long time pig slave loser Jenny jerker boy had to get his snort on for me this week as I mowed right through his wallet right through the pigs barn doors! This loser is all over the internet on phone sex Princess’s sites all over the place. He’s a total whore but in the meanwhile this cash whore loves humiliation and financial domination. And where do you go when you want to best humiliation and financial domination? To your Princess Jenny of course because I mock you better then anyone else and make you look like an even bigger idiot then you already are.
Let’s all not forget this loser didn’t just get on my page for free. He paid for this precious real estate on the web.
How many of you losers who dream about being financially dominated are getting so hard wishing it was you with a potato chip bag over your ugly face humiliating yourself for me. Stop lusting after the thought when you can experience me taking your life savings from you.


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