Financial Domination March

March 15, 2013 · 0 comments

My March Madness started off right away its been amazing ever since. Another Financial Domination slave came to me on Niteflirt and said he wanted to please me the right way and asked if he could prove his devotion to me. I took him up on the offer because I get so many cheap broke little wanna be slave bitches that I just don’t have time for.
This is just another perfect example of what a really good Financial Domination slave looks like and strives to be in one session. He was so hypnotized by every word I said clinging on to each time I told him to pay me. On top of the tributes he was paying me $9.99 per minute to talk to me so I could get that extra wallet raping in and really fuck him nice and hard. He begged me to Jenny jerk him and thats exactly what I did.
I had him reveal himself to me on webcam so I could see who was jerking their cash into my hands. He’s a really hot slave lucky for me and he has a hot girlfriend but my body is better then hers and I know how to use it more then she does so I wanted even more because of that. My greed was becoming more powerful as I made him into my quick fast Financial Domination slave pay pet. It feels so good when I turn you into a Jenny jerker and fuck your wallet nice and hard and bend you over like the loser pay slut bitch that you are. March madness continues are you a part of it loser?

Financial Domination March

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