Foot Fetish Football Sunday

September 9, 2012 · 0 comments

Don’t be sad the weekend is almost over it’s only just begun as far as I’m concerned. It’s Foot Fetish football Sunday and my perfect pedicure is ready to crush I already got my week started with a glass of wine with lunch that heel slave Chris paid for. He’s becoming so obsessed and in love with my sexy feet. Ive got him so hard for me. He just sent me this mail and a $200 tribute.
“Princess Jenny, Princess Jenny, My Princess is so FUCKING HOT…Thank you for generously allowing me to donate a HUGE LOAD on the alter of your feet and high heels…. I am honored!!! I am priviledged that you have included me as a “Jenny Jerker”! YOUR Heel Slut”
I do love a good slave who has a foot fetish and a penchant for a beautiful spoiled Princess. Cuckold slave Kevin and I played a little trivia game and the grand prize was him being allowed the chance to pay me $300 for my panties! The panties of course were going to be fresh worn with a hot fresh load of cum dripping into them letting the smell and taste marinate those panties.
I made sure my boyfriend left an extra huge load of cum inside of me so when I went to yoga this morning my panties would be all hot and extra special for my cuckold slave boy.
I’m off to go to a football bbq and take calls from you Jenny jerkers. Get ready to work that cock this week and put all your cash into MY wallet.

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