Foot Fetish Phone Lover

October 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Your foot fetish obsession got so much stronger when you laid your eyes on my soft soles. I stepped on some really full wallets this weekend and crushed some balls along the way. French sock sissy loser Sabrina was pillow humping all weekend with a nasty sock of mine wrapped around his small cock. He was a pillow humping loser all weekend and I had him paying me over and over for his dirty cum loads he left. He sent me a picture after he finished fucking his pillow and I had him tribute me for having to see such a disgusting site.
I thought my socks were nasty when I sent them and now their totally ruined. I guess he’s just going to have to to pay for more of my sweat stained stinky dusty socks.
Some new pig was so obsessed with my foot we talked in detail about my pretty pedicure for an hour and then he paid to sit in and listen to me get a pedicure. Best foot fetish phone sex ever being at the spa ignoring you as you can hear me pick out my color and listen to me relax. I went with a pink glitter and I got the deluxe pedicure + the extra 20 minute massage. I spoiled bitch like me is always taking advantage of your hard cock.

Worship My Socks

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