Foot Fetish Slave Financial Domination

July 23, 2013 · 0 comments

Foot fetish slaves are you ready for an instant hard-on. I met up with one of my foot fetish Jenny jerking slaves yesterday. I spent the weekend at the beach and didnt have time to get my pedicure re-done from playing in the sand for 2 days. My toe nail polish was a little cracked and I really hate imperfections like that but it didn’t matter.
Slave foot boy needed to touch my velvet soft soles and show my pretty feet the devotion they deserve. I haven’t seen him in a year due to a relationship he was in and was being loyal loser. Not loyal to me so therefore he can go fuck himself and I was prepared to make him pay the price for the year long disappearance. He’s only allowed to contact me through pay-per-call. Stupid bitch should have been a cuckold. I won’t accept texts,messenger, skype from him. We used to have a deal where I went to his house and got in a floating lounger in the pool and he massaged and worshiped my feet for 56 minutes. I take away 4 minutes of the hour just to mind fuck his head. After the timer on my iPhone goes off he gets out of the pool and holds a towel out for me and hands $500 in American Express gift cards. Not this time, no fucking way am I going to accept that after he took a year off to be loyal to his girlfriend who I said wasn’t going to last. $2000 in Amex Gift cards AND a trip to wine shop for some Champagne after lunch. He knew he had no choice to get back to these feet. He looked really sexy too so I let him suck my toes under water. See, I can be really really nice for a small price.
Summer Foot Fetish

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