Foot Fetish Ugg Fucker

December 5, 2012 · 1 comment

Slave teddy a true Jenny jerking foot fetish worship slave bought a pair of my sweaty old super worn Uggs. This was my first pair of Uggs so they were worn in deep and they had a really nice musky aroma, since I live in Los Angeles I loved wearing them barefoot but my feet ALWAYS sweat like crazy in them. Those Uggs had seen a lot of sex as well because I loved to fuck in them and not take them off. I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that their were cum stains all over my boots. He paid $500 and paid for me to overnight them to him and I was feeling satisfied. He totally violated my Uggs the moment they came in the mail. He came home from his office to find his package and wasn’t allowed to open it until he called me on Niteflirt and got on web cam. The loser was vibrating with excitement, he ripped open my package and started to make nasty pig like noises and started saying over and over “ohh my god, ohh my god” and then he just shoved as much of his face into the boot that he could and would take HUGE breaths of air. He started to lick the soles and lick the tops of the boot and jerked his little dick in ecstasy. I was laughing the whole time at him pumping his little cock so furiously while sniffing. What would you do with my Uggs?

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John February 6, 2013 at 10:21 am

I will let you squish my Cock under those UGG until i pass out!!
OMG!! I love them

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