Foot Sniffing Slave Under My Feet Paying Princess

April 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Hey boy’s It’s been a great week, I’ve been cashing in since I posted my clips you slave puppets have been clicking and paying like ATM robot puppies. I’ve been getting so many requests for clips and more photo sets. You know how I love pleasing you Jenny jerkers so much that I sent out a hot new photo set on Niteflirt of me in a sexy bikini getting a little naughty with my lollipop. If you didn’t already go and buy the set then get your sissy bitch ass over to my Niteflirt page and go to my store, click and pay like a good boy.
Gia is back playing my games with me, I love to laugh at him always winning him over with my silly games of tease and take. This week really brought a lot of foot slaves my way, ready to slink under my smooth soles and have their balls squashed with my soft foot. One of my Euro foot slaves came to me after being in chastity for 2 weeks straight, I gave him the chance to earn his way out out his locked up slave cock. He got close to the winning combination of my saying “Yes you make take it off” by purchasing set after set of my pictures and tributing me in my honor. I kept making his little dick harder and harder as he stares at my beauty falling under the spell of my soles. I never allowed him to let his loser load flow but, he did it after the photo of my bare sole and nude ass in the air opened on his screen.
He was taxed for his loser cum load and then I told him I had to go and left. All in a days footwork.


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