Football Pick FAIL Lands Loser A Dunce Cap

November 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Not one of my stable of losers has been able to step up to the plate and give me what I want with my football picks and that’s one fucking winning week. Is that too hard to ask of my minions? Once again another humiliated male feels the wrath of my humiliation. The man who knows that WOMAN RULE did not pull through on his 6+ point weekend and because of that he had to spend his Monday night football watching in his post Olive Garden dinner bag. He was such a piggy he didn’t even leave the bread stick over for me to shove in his mouth while he oinked his forgiveness. As you can see there is no slit for his mouth because he knew it was the smart thing to do by keeping his pie hole shut. This might inspire him to really study and start grazing the lawn for a 4 leaf clover, who’s to say what I’m going to make him do next. If I was there with him I might use his balls as a football and “touchdown” with my foot and give him a swift kick. Ha, you should see the smirk on my face. Better luck next time loser and welcome to the blog slut club you look fantastic in recycled paper. Which loser wants to get humiliated next!
NFL Paper Bag Loser

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