Forced Intoxication To The Max

July 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Forced intoxication Friday everyone! It’s like a super fetish day on Niteflirt with phone sex slut Carlos Pino. Carlos has been on a phone sex binge for the past few days now. He can’t stop drinking and getting fucked up all day from his hotel room. He’s been calling tons of girls over the pat few days for hours and hours at a time every day. He’s so pathetic he say’s the same shit over and over “I’m Carlos Puta Pino and I like to wear Women’s clothing and I am a loser”. Then he begs to be blackmailed and of course at this point he’s given out so much of the same (most likely fake) information to so many girls. That info is practically on a zillion girls blogs already slut bag loser!
As if I really give a shit, all I care about is taking this drunk idiot for all the cash I can get and drown his wallet in my pool of perfection. I got him drunk for abut 4 hours today until he was at the point of pass out. I can’t stand a stupid loser who can’t hold his liquor. Lucky for me he passed out with his Niteflirt account loaded so I had him on ignore for 90 minutes of payed pleasure.
Thanks to my fat fucker for the sexy gifts, boys know how to get my attention and spoil me and buy me what I want on my Amazon wish list

Who’s your all American beauty! I AM! Photo set specially priced through THIS WEEKEND ONLY!

American Beauty

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