Forced Intoxication Wrestling Mask Addict

August 2, 2012 · 1 comment

Forced Intoxication is so hot I love doing forced intox phone sex calls and love even more when they are on cam where I can watch and direct all the partying. This phone sex addicted loser has been on a phone sex rampage for day’s now. He’s sitting in some cheap hotel room all holed up with his poppers and his new girlfriend Whiskey.
He won’t show his face but who really want’s to look at it anyway so, he puts on a Mexican wrestling mask and gets crazy. He’s so fun to trick into being so totally wasted that I keep raising the rate higher and higher on him until his wallet is nearly empty at 4 times the rate it was when we began. His cock won’t even get fully hard and I keep telling him he’s never going to get his cock up all the way because he’s a loser with Whiskey dick who’s never going to cum. He kept pulling and pulling on his useless limp dick and I was laughing and laughing and telling him that if he drank more it would get him hard. What an intoxicated idiot who deserved to get fucked over the Princess Jenny way.

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Adrian August 7, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Can we please arrange a forced intoxication session Princess?

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