Forget Serving The Country You Serve Princess Now

June 29, 2012 · 1 comment

There are so many brave soldiers out there serving the country and then we have the bitch boys who found there way to Afghanistan and have no beautiful Woman to serve while all lone in the depressing dirty vile emptiness. His name is, well I won’t share his name just yet so lets call him by his initials JPC. JPC is out there in Afghanistan he’s a specialest. E-4 but really he’s just a guy who’s totally obsessed with Me draining him of everything and taking all his cash and letting each pay check go into My bank account. He has no friends, and his family could give a shit about him too so all that cash he’s earning and saving up is now going to his girlfriend on the screen that doesn’t even like him. Right now that’s me!
While he’s in that depressing environment I’m sitting here in beautiful California with my tight yoga pants on sitting outside near the jacuzzi relaxing making money just by being beautiful. I give him a form of hope something to come home to and go broke for. JPC knows I have him blackmailed and it keeps his cock so hard, what if I release all his private info and he gets his ass kicked out. How humiliating would that be to get booted from serving the country for being a little pathetic Nancy boy. I know a bunch of you are shouting out EXPOSE HIM EXPOSE HIM!!! Maybe slip into his Facebook account and do a little of my own posts and change the password and let the real fun begin. He knows he has to keep paying me and paying me until I drain him dry. He’s smart enough to know its more worth it to go broke for My beauty then it is for me to completely wreck his entire life. Show your patriotism Jenny jerkers and give Me what I want!


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loser B June 29, 2012 at 11:18 am

serving princess is serving the country

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