Freaky Fetish Babys, Sissy’s And Wimpy Dork Weekend

February 23, 2009 · 0 comments

Hey guys, wow this weekend was a major freak fest! I spent all day long looking at tranny porn and posting on local websites like craigslist ready to pimp and out my new cock sucking sissy bestie friend. My new best sissy friend gary the faggot sochor. He’s a member of the I’m a Niteflirt blog slut club. The Niteflirt blog slut club is a special group of piggies that love to see their names splashed in lights all over the blogosphere. Hopping around Niteflirt wanting to get on as many blogs as possible so they can jerk off when they google their names and see themselves spread out like the piggy’s that they are. I jerked off gary’s wallet for mine and my boyfriend’s rent for for Feb. total $3825 Thank You!!
I also met a relic among Niteflirt and also a card carrying member of the Niteflirt blog slut club. His name is baby cumbucket who is practically a founding father on the site. He turned me onto something I had never heard about before, he is such a jizz obsessed baby that he craves eating jizz all the time. Theirs one thing, it has to be whipped up. He’s got major cock on the brain problem, he loves to be a big baby and grab a big box of crayons and draw lots of penis. I’ve given him a really nice humiliation assignment which should be completed by this week. I’m sure we will be exploiting him much more. You guys are just getting such major crushes on me, lucky you for having a teen humilation Princess like me come into your life.


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