Gia The Stinky Armpit Fetish Slave

July 26, 2011 · 0 comments

Happy Tuesday Jenny Jerkers! So many gifts came in the mail today I love love love getting spoiled! Rocco sent me a beautiful Tiffany bracelet that I had my eye on and I love it. What Princess doesn’t love the Robins egg blue box! In return he got a very special video clip made just for him that I promised I wouldn’t sell but, of course I will probably go ahead and sell it anyway because I’m a Pay Princess and I’m here to make and take your money!
Why would I want to miss out on the chance at making even more off all those hard stiff cocks out there who want a piece of my ass so bad. Why would I want to share my humiliation with just one loser slave when there are so many who need me? I think you get the point Jenny jerkers.
Gia the Italian cuckold came back with one foot out the door. As usual I slammed his foot in the door and trapped the hairy pig and made him my bitch ass licker.
One look at my commanding asshole and my royal fuck you finger in his face and his cock is rock hard and in my command. He has a new Girlfriend now and he’s afraid I’ll be in the way and take everything away and ruin the relationship like the home wrecker that I am. My submissive hairy slave was right.
In a war between girlfriends and online Princess loves there can only be one winner. Of course we know who the clear winner is, and that would be the one and only ME Princess Jenny. I know there are more of you armpit fetish lovers out there. Click on my picture and buy my armpit losers clip and get seduced and dominated by my stinky smelly underarms.

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